Naida Šehić

Corporate, Competition and Data Protection Law

As a lawyer, Naida Šehić provides assistance to Spirit Legal’s attorneys-at-law in matters concerning corporate, competition and cartel law as well as data protection legislation.

Naida Šehić joined the team at Spirit Legal LLP in 2014, having previously worked for an international commercial law firm in Frankfurt am Main, a consultancy business in Hamburg specialising in the field of developmental cooperation, and at a notary’s office in Sarajevo. She also spent several years working for a non-profit association in Bosnia-Herzegovina which assists states in Southeast Europe with legislative initiatives and judicial organisation. After completing her law studies at the University of Sarajevo and the University of Glasgow, Naida Šehić acquired the academic degree of ‘Legum Magister’ (LL.M.) in European Law from Heidelberg University.

If Naida Šehić isn’t busy discovering new cities with the help of her old Olympus camera, she likes to relax in the Mediterranean and Scandinavia.


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