Tea Mustać

Data Protection

Tea Mustać is a legal expert and privacy professional (CIPP/E) at Spirit Legal. She specialises in intellectual property, data protection and IT law, with a focus on the regulation of artificial intelligence.

Tea Mustać graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Law in Rijeka, Croatia in 2022. She spent her final year at the University of Graz, specialising in IT, intellectual property and competition law.

Working on and writing about controversial legal issues is something Tea Mustać enjoys. In 2022, she received the European Law Institute’s European Young Lawyers Award for her paper “The Lost Philosophy of Copyright”. In the same year, she published the article “Institutionalizing Google: When Self-Preferencing Becomes Anticompetitive” as part of the Graz Law Working Paper Series. Since the summer of 2023, she has been running the live videocast “RegInt - Decoding AI Regulation” together with Peter Hense.

Away from her life as a legal expert, synchronised swimming has been another of her passions for over a decade. As a member of the Croatian synchronised swimming federation, she has already competed in several championships, including the European junior championships in Rijeka (2016) and the world championships in Budapest (2017).

In her spare time she enjoys travelling and reading the classics. 

Legal expert and research assistant

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