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What are the limits of my business model? What am I obliged to make clear to holidaymakers before they book? What should I consider when handling my guests’ personal data? How can I enforce the rights I hold for my brand and images? – These questions are often asked by the entrepreneurs, tour operators, hoteliers and creative professionals who seek our advice. But we also always keep up to speed on more specialised subjects, such as data encryption, electronic payments and the legal certainty of AdWords campaigns, and this is what makes us the right partner for you.

Information Governance

Analysis of systems’ legal compliance, advice on the legally certain structuring of internal business processes, employee awareness training for handling data and data misuse … more information

E-Commerce & Payment

Examination of online shops in terms of legal certainty and optimisation potential, testing and creating the conditions for the PCI DSS security standard and a BaFin licence … more information

Gambling & Adult Entertainment

Advice on youth protection requirements and the steps required to ensure compliance, examination of the legal certainty of business models, guidance on acceptable forms of advertising … more information

Hotels & Gastronomy

Appointment of data protection officers for hotels and restaurants, employment, supplier, rental and lease contracts, advice on dealing with guest reviews, pricing information and food legislation ... more information

Information Technology

Warranty and liability of service providers, software development, licensing and distribution agreements, legal security aspects of IT infrastructure and networks, litigation and arbitration … more information

Marketing & Sales

Compliance with consumer rights, examination of AdWords, social media, email and newsletter campaigns, dealing with review sites, quality labels and test results, protection of trademark rights … more information

Media, Publishing & Blogs

Licensing agreements for photos, images, texts and videos, legally certain use of external content, advice in cases of personal rights infringements in print and online media … more information


Discussion of possible company forms and creation of articles of association, advice on financing and employment contracts, exposure and elimination of liability risks … more information

Travel Industry

IT security of GDS, IBE and other web services, competition and advertising law, international regulations on pricing information, information requirements and vendor registration … more information

The Leipzig-based law firm Spirit Legal advises domestic and foreign businesses with an international focus. Our core consulting expertise is in the areas of e-commerce, corporate, competition, trademark, IT and data protection law. When it comes to legal matters, our industry experience makes us the ideal specialists for start-ups, travel companies and the hotel industry.

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