Gambling and adult entertainment

We know the rules of play

The internet is and always has been, among other things, an entertainment platform. All manner of games as well as videos and images aimed at adult audiences can be found online. Legally speaking, though, such industries don’t have it easy. We explain often complex legal situations to the operators of betting, gambling and adult entertainment sites, helping them find strategies to achieve their goals. The services offered by Spirit Legal LLP in this area include:

  • Examination of the legal certainty of business models
  • Advice on youth protection requirements and the necessary steps to ensure compliance
  • Appointment and assistance of company data protection officers
  • Creation of game licensing agreements, terms of use and GTCs
  • Analysis of gaming procedures
  • Dealing with virtual currencies
  • Advice on permissible forms of advertising
  • Representation of trademark and copyright claims

We advise domestic and international platform and site operators in the areas of gambling and adult entertainment. Spirit Legal LLP’s experts discuss the possibilities and limitations of your business model. We know the rules of play and will help you to comply with them.

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