Illegal advertising emails despite double opt-in and confirmation request?

Involving relatively little effort and reasonable cost, email is still the medium used by advertisers such as agencies, online retailers and service providers to keep a variety of existing customers up to date about their products and services. An advertiser can also maximise reach, for example by using public directories, crawling or purchasing email addresses ... read more


More light in the ‘grey’ capital market

As part of its action plan for consumer protection in the financial market, in July 2014 the German government presented draft legislation aimed at protecting small investors, to be voted on after the summer break. It isn’t just since the insolvency of Prokon that lawmakers have recognised a need to act. This is why BaFin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, will in future also monitor the ‘grey’ capital market and, for example, warn investors of risky financial products ... read more


We’re online!

For a long time, visitors to were welcomed by nothing more than the firm’s white logo against a black background. A law firm specialising in e-commerce without a complete website? The irony wasn’t lost on us either. However, our clients have been keeping us on our toes, which meant the warm-up lap took a little longer than expected. In recent months we’ve been discussing ideas, writing texts, designing layouts and posing for photos. We have drawn up plans ... read more

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