Are Tesla taxis a tragedy? Dutch taxi company demands 1.3 million euros in damages

“We’ve never had as many problems as with Tesla” (Tofik Ohoudi) Faulty vehicles, incorrect odometer readings and poor service: for one of Tesla’s biggest Dutch customers, enough is enough. Bios-Groep, which uses around 70 Tesla cars as taxis at Schiphol Airport, is now demanding compensation for damages. read more


CCPA / CPRA for US and EU businesses

Deep dive on CCPA's impact on European Businesses: A webinar for German and European businesses. read more


Tesla to be fined millions: Violation of recycling requirements under German Batteries Act

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) intends to fine Tesla in Germany millions of euros. The reason for this is Tesla’s apparent failure to comply with the applicable regulations on taking back and recycling batteries. read more

| , Xenia Albanus

They might be seen as green, but Teslas are like elephants – they never forget

Summary of expert opinion on data processing and data protection in Tesla vehicles of 19 October 2020 read more


Ruling of the regional court Frankfurt: Sea rescuer obtains a cease and desist order against former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini

Ruling of the regional court Frankfurt: Sea rescuer obtains a cease and desist order against former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini. read more


CJEU: Website operators are "jointly responsible" for embedding social media or 3rd party code

ECJ gives short shrift to Facebook “Like” button: Operators of websites and apps are “jointly responsible” with Facebook read more


Palo Alto, we have a problem: German court says Tesla’s “Autopilot” is false advertising

Tesla banned from using the term “Autopilot” for its driver-assistance system (Model 3) – because the name is misleading read more


35 million reasons to take privacy seriously: German data protection authority hits fashion store owner H&M with second-highest GDPR fine ever

Fashion retailer’s service center illegally surveilled employees and recorded 60 GB of the most intimate personal data read more


"Hi Alexa, can I trust you?"

From Alexa and Google Assistant to Cortana, Siri and Bixby: Viewed with scepticism by technology experts since their market launch in 2015, now academics, the media, regulatory authorities and courts are also turning their attention to the security and data protection issues surrounding intelligent virtual assistants. read more

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