Roadmap and milestones of German laws for autonomous vehicles

Spirit Legal partner Peter Hense on German laws for autonomous vehicles. What’s the goal? What will the new act regulate? What's the timetable? read more


Are Tesla taxis a tragedy? Dutch taxi company demands 1.3 million euros in damages

“We’ve never had as many problems as with Tesla” (Tofik Ohoudi) Faulty vehicles, incorrect odometer readings and poor service: for one of Tesla’s biggest Dutch customers, enough is enough. Bios-Groep, which uses around 70 Tesla cars as taxis at Schiphol Airport, is now demanding compensation for damages. read more


Tesla to be fined millions: Violation of recycling requirements under German Batteries Act

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) intends to fine Tesla in Germany millions of euros. The reason for this is Tesla’s apparent failure to comply with the applicable regulations on taking back and recycling batteries. read more


Director’s liability for incoming payments

Generally speaking, payments made by customers and debtors are always welcome. Unfortunately though, if a GmbH (German limited liability company) is in crisis, payments made into an account on the debits side may mean more than simply good news for the GmbH’s director; they could also result in personal liability risks for him or her. This post examines these risks in more detail ... read more

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