Copyright, media and press law

We protect rights to ideas, images and sounds

For a long time, there were only a few professions where people might have stood any real chance of encountering problems with copyright. As the internet has spread, this risk has not just increased, but it now affects everyone who is online and creates, uses or distributes texts, images or videos. In addition to general issues involving intellectual property, Spirit Legal LLP also provides specialist advice on media and press law, which includes the following areas:

  • Advice on the legally certain use, handling and distribution of content
  • Advice on dealing with third-party content (user-generated content)
  • Assertion of claims in cases of copyright infringement
  • Drafting and examination of licensing agreements for photos, images, texts and videos
  • Contract drafting for sponsoring and for testimonials
  • Advice on warnings about (alleged) copyright infringements, for example as a result of file sharing, streaming or alternative uses
  • Advice in cases of personal rights infringement by print and online media reports
  • Assertion of revocation, rebuttal and injunctive relief claims

We advise businesses and private individuals, and especially photographers, journalists, programmers and web designers, about their rights, obligations and claims. In particular, we help copyright owners whose rights have been infringed to defend and protect those rights. Ask our attorneys-at-law how we can help you!

The Leipzig-based law firm Spirit Legal advises domestic and foreign businesses with an international focus. Our core consulting expertise is in the areas of e-commerce, corporate, competition, trademark, IT and data protection law. When it comes to legal matters, our industry experience makes us the ideal specialists for start-ups, travel companies and the hotel industry.

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