Trademark and competition law

We get brands ready to compete

The success of a company and its products depends heavily on the value of its brands. A strong brand will set the company apart from its competitors and leave customers confident of the quality of any goods or services sold under that brand. This connection between the product and the creator is protected by trademark law. Competition law is also on hand to prevent companies from employing unfair practices when competing for customers and a share of the market. Apart from certain promotional activities, this also includes anticompetitive arrangements between market players. The following are some of the services Spirit Legal LLP offers in these areas:

  • Advice on the protectability of symbols, logos, sounds and shapes as well as on an effective brand strategy
  • Registration of national and European brands, international registration of brands and advice on creating directories of goods and services
  • Assertion of the client’s own trademark-related claims and defence against unjustified third-party claims
  • Action against online advertising that infringes trademarks or is anticompetitive, especially involving paid search advertising (Google AdWords etc.)
  • Opposition, invalidation and cancellation proceedings against third-party trademarks
  • Extrajudicial and judicial action against trademark infringement and violations of competition law
  • Protection and assertion of rights to information and claims for damages against infringers
  • Advice and training for creating legally compliant advertising campaigns, especially on the internet
  • Direct action against competitors, for example by extrajudicial warning or involving summary proceedings
  • A scalable approach taking into account the economic significance of the case for you

In addition to numerous start-ups, technology manufacturers, distributors, distribution platforms and traditional industrial enterprises, we specialise in advising online travel companies, hotels and other travel industry players. At Spirit Legal LLP, apart from the legal situation we never lose sight of economic aspects. Talk to us about how we can make your brand ready to compete.

The Leipzig-based law firm Spirit Legal advises domestic and foreign businesses with an international focus. Our core consulting expertise is in the areas of e-commerce, corporate, competition, trademark, IT and data protection law. When it comes to legal matters, our industry experience makes us the ideal specialists for start-ups, travel companies and the hotel industry.

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